Soon, one of the largest and most modern meat processing companies in Lithuania, Klaipėdos mėsinė, is going to turn 25 years old. Throughout these 25 years, we have grown and become a strong company. Currently we produce more than 200 brands of cooked, cold and hot smoked, dried sausages and frankfurters, as well as other meat products.We prepare fresh and frozen meat, i.e. beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey meat in our modern meat processing plant.Over the last couple of decades, a lot of changes have been made, but our main, single activity, the production and sale of fresh meat and meat products, has not changed.We do not like to brag about our success, so we’ll let the facts do the talking:

Klaipėdos mėsinė was provided with a "Lithuanian Exporter of the Year" award for its sale of fresh meat and carcasses.In 1998, our company was the first to introduce the ISO 9001:2001 quality management system in the production and sale of meat and meat products. After three years, Klaipėdos mėsinė was one of the first meat processing companies in the Baltic States to be recognised as conforming to all the requirements and standards of the European Union, allowing it the right to export its products to all European countries. The company also has the right to export its products to Russia. In 2011, Klaipėdos mėsinė received an IFS International Food Safety Certificate.

A few years ago, the production facilities of our company were fully renovated and expanded up to 7000 square meters.

We only use the production technology and equipment of the world's most advanced manufacturers: Shroter, Vemag, Handman, CFS, Carnitech, Weber, Polyclip, etc. Over the last eight years, we’ve invested more than 9 million euros into technical and computerised equipment.

We didn’t stop there, so at the end of last year, we began to utilise a new, modern 1900 square meter robotic logistics centre. This centre allows us to rapidly and effectively distribute the flow of products we produce.

We cooperate with the largest trade networks in Lithuania and abroad, and we are able to adjust to our customers’ preferences, not only in producing the products they require, but in choosing the most appropriate packaging for them. At a customer's request, we can create their package design as well.

We are a modern, flexible, driven company that has accumulated a considerable amount of experience. We uphold traditions and can also create novel new products!