Since the olden days, the Klaipėda region has been famous for its market places. There have always been many visitors and farmers from all over Lithuania as well as foreign merchants. One farmer, a butcher, received a great deal of attention as he stood out from the other merchants selling meat products. All his relatives, grandparents and great grandparents, had been engaged in this business since the olden days. The butcher often shared meat flavouring and marinating recipes with all the visiting farmers and cultivators and offered them his advice. His products were so good that rural districts were appearing nearby due to the work of the butchers. Between Klaipėda and Tilžė, taverns popped up one by one. Travellers used to stay in Vecekrugs and Šilokarčema taverns and let their horses have a rest there. The special taste of meat brought fame to the restaurants with summer and winter gardens. People used to come by sea and by road from the most remote places to see how the restaurants were equipped, as well as to taste their meat specialties. The restaurants served high-quality cold and hot-smoked meat products: cervelat sausages, sirloins, hams, sausages (frankfurters) and pates from the smokehouses of well-known butchers. Their meat products became so famous that the land roads alone were not enough for the farmers, especially having in mind that the nearby coasts were washed by the CuronianLagoonand the BalticSea.

The butcher's products not only reached the Kurshes, but also Karaliaučius. His specialties began to be transported by kurenkahns from the port of Klaipėda. They were not only appreciated by the neighbouring Latvians, Estonians and Finns, but also by the Swedes and Danes. The gastronomic traditions of other countries enriched the taste of the meat products even more. The butcher made the taste of his products even more subtle by adding various spices and calamus brought from the Gotland Island, Visby city and by smoking them above cherry tree and alder wood.

So, the exceptional variety of "Klaipėdos mėsinė" products was created. It was characterized by its authentic production technology and methods as well as spices, taste and flavour which could satisfy the most demanding gourmand who had already tasted many other delicious things before.